VALE 2000 – 2013

Zico v.d. Berlex-Hoeve imp. Belgium

SchH3, IPO3, FH2.  Hips: FCI A ½

Video of Zico in Action      

~ There are exceptional dogs and then there is Zico.” ~
 (Ben Geurts – RAAF Military Working Dog Tester.)


Reference Sire of:
Nordenstamm J-litter (x Nordenstammm Hannah i.i.u. Belgium);
Nordenstamm K-litter (x Nordenstammm Hannah i.i.u. Belgium);
Nordenstamm L-litter (x Zita v.d. Berlex-Hoeve imp. Belgium);
Nordenstamm O-litter (x Nordenstammm Halina i.i.u. Belgium);
Nordenstamm X-litter (x Nordenstammm Halina i.i.u. Belgium);
Nordenstamm E-litter (x Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede imp. Germany).


Zico has been the most highly credentialed Malinois male ever to be imported into Australia. He is also the most  highly credentialled working dog of any breed imported to Australia.  Zico was very fierce, very serious dog with excellent, proven working drives and possessing a robust and hardy disposition. He has been one of only a small handful of privately owned Malinois in Australia to have passed RAAF tests for use at breeding Military Working Dogs.  At that time the RAAF Breeding Cell manager commented, “we can put Zico to any bitch and we know we’re always going to get something good.”

Bred in the purple, Zico was considered one of the very best sons of the legendary Turcodos v.d. Duvetorre IPO3. During the World Championship for Malinois in Homburg, the Trial Helpers awarded the Helper’s Choice trophy for the best dog to Turcodos – the sire of Zico!  Zico’s dam, Sanka v.d. Berlex-Hoeve IPO3, was a five-time contender at the World Championships and is a daughter of the FCI World Champion, Lex.

Zico represented the best there was to take from the phenotype and genotype of his world famous ancestors; Turcodos, Stoned, Elgos, Sanka and Lex. Furthermore he was proven to consistently reproduce his own exceptional powers and talent.

At a tender age of 3 years, Zico placed 3rd at the FCI World Championship with the same impressive scores (291 points) as the two higher placed dogs. As a rising young star he continued to impress, placing 3rd at the Belgium Malinois Championship followed by 2nd place at the Belgium Open IPO Championship – once again equalling the winner in points!

One of Germany’s foremost working dog commentators, Jürgen Rixen, heaped the highest praise on Zico in Germany’s leading working dog magazine, “Der Gebrauchshund”, when reporting on his protection at the FCI World Championship.  Whether breeders, judges, Helpers, sport dog competitors or his numerous fans over several countries, all have had nothing but praise this marvellous dog’s many outstanding qualities.

Zico’s valuable genetic background is underlined by the fact that five out of his six siblings have also proved their outstanding qualities by passing their SchH3/IPO3 tests with top scores.  His Australian born progeny have won numerous conformation awards, High in Trials and National Championship honours; other progeny in the services are Military Working Dogs, licensed Security Dogs and Correctional Service dogs.  It was a Zico son, the Special Operations (SA) Military Working Dog Nordenstamm Joep aka “Kuga”, bred by this kennel, that is the only Australian dog ever to be awarded the Dickin Medal, a canine equivalent of the Victoria Cross, for bravery and devotion to duty. A true Champion in every sense of the word – RIP Zico.


Pedigree of Zico v.d. Berlex-Hoeve


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