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Nordenstamm Malinois 

Nordenstamm Malinois are Australia’s leading breeders of working Malinois.
We are a small, boutique kennel built on fully imported European bloodlines. First licensed with FCI & NKK in 1965, the kennel has bred international and National working, conformation and reproductive champions + Grand Champions for owners and breeders in 31 countries on all five Continents.  For more than 50 years, the name Norden Stamm has been synonymous with breeding beautiful, functional, world-class dogs for all sports and service work as well as home companions and guards. Whether DOBERMANNS or GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS and, since 2002, BELGIAN MALINOIS, we have campaigned our dogs with great passion and success, both nationally and internationally.  From the very beginning, our brood bitches have campaigned in dog sports; most are Schutzhund &/or IPO titled and the majority we titled ourselves; usually to the highest levels – IPO3, Schutzhund3 and FH.

No other working Malinois kennel in this country has come close to matching our record of successes. We are the only Australian kennel that actively trains and titles our own self-bred dogs in the sport of IPO and Mondioring was well as having been officially classified as a Preferred Breeder of operational Military Working Dogs for the Australian Defense Forces, with our dogs serving in the RAAF, SAS, Australian Federal Police, as State Police, Special Operations & SERT Dogs, in Correctional Services and in Security; all the while prominently contributing to these agencies and other kennels own breeding programs. Quality has a name – NORDENSTAMM.


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“While all men can admire the nobility and beauty, the breeder is intensely concerned with the Type. He shall be the quintessence of all good qualities in compact form. His harmony of character and build is that of a very perfect animal – it is essentially one of Utility.” Dr. Friedrich Karl Dorn

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Nordenstamm Malinois

Norden Stamm Kennel was first licensed by FCI & the Norwegian Kennel Klub in 1965. Since then the kennel has bred international and national working, conformation and reproductive champions for owners and breeders in 31 countries on all five Continents.

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