Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede imp. Germany

~ 4 trials x 4 times High in Trial + 2014 Australian Grand National IPO Champion ~

VALE Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede imp. Germany

IPO 3, 2014 Australian Grand National IPO Champion
(Lupano’s Duke x Dinga v.d. Krähenschmiede).

We dedicate this page to celebrate a life well lived with the passing of our wonderful Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede. No other brood bitch in this country has come close to matching her extraordinary legacy to this country’s working Malinois fraternity. She leaves behind a dynasty of Australian Champions, National Working Champions, IPO, Mondioring, Obedience and mixed sports titled as well as progeny serving in Correctional Services, Special Operations Police (SOG), Security and Special Emergency Response Terms (SERT).  Lilo the pick bitch in her litter. Our kennel was able to obtain her from her breeder at the age of 11 months. Lilo competed four times at IPO  to win  High in Trial 4 times in a row at different clubs under different judges; her IPO 1 to 3 was done in Germany (IPO1 at SV Westoverledigen, IPO2 at SV Ostrhauderfehn, IPO3 at SV Ammerlandand).  Following importation Lilo repeated IPO3 at her 4th trial to win the title Australian Grand National IPO Champion at the Australian National Open IPO Championships with an excellent 292 points under a German Judge!

Lilo has been a female of enormous significance both to our kennel and to the country per se.  Together with her progeny from her six litters and their descendants she has been able to touch and enrich the lives of breeders, trainers and fanciers across several countries. Words alone cannot fully express the gratitude we feel for having had Lilo in our own lives. Mother of Champions, Mother of Dragons.

Nordenstamm “Dragon” litters out of Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede imp. Germany IPO3:
Nordenstamm T-Litter i.i.u. Germany – sired by Fred v. Brunsbeker Land IPO3;
Nordenstamm W-Litter – sired by Nordenstamm Hassan i.i.u. Belgium IPO3, FH2:
Nordenstamm Y-Litter i.i.u. Germany – sired by Pitu v. Further Moor IPO3;
Nordenstamm C-litter A.I. –  sired by Nordenstamm Kaos (Military Working Dog);
Nordenstamm- E-Litter A.I. – sired by Zico v.d. Berlex-Hoeve imp. Belgium IPO3, FH2;
Nordenstamm F-Litter – sired by Lennox v.d. Berlex-Hoeve imp. Germany, IPO3.


Pedigree of Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede


Images of Lilo


~ Little Dragons ~

Progeny from the litters of Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede