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Jens Kollenberg’s involvement with dogs goes back more than 60 years.  After training his first German Shepherd Dog at the age of 15, this early interest in canine training became reinforced while serving in the Armed Forces. He bought his first Dobermann at the age of 25 and once back in civilian life he developed a keen interest in their breeding and showing and in the competitive dog-sport. Over the years Jens Kollenberg has participated in near 300 trials with Dobermanns, German Shepherd Dogs, & Malinois that he successfully trained and/or trialled to their Br.H./Schutzhund/VPG/IPO/IGP3 and FH titles; winning National and Regional titles amongst the many High in Trial awards and top placings in Germany, Norway, USA and Australia.

Jens Kollenberg’s personal commitment to his breeding goals is underlined by more than 100 self-bred Champions and many more Champions from other’s kennels. These include a large number of National and International Champions world-wide.  In the wider European arena alone, dogs from his kennel have won all the major conformation Sieger titles many times over, as well as his having bred 16 National Working Dog Champions, including being 2 x Norwegian Working Dog Champion with dogs he trained.

Jens Kollenberg was licensed as a specialist judge with the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) and served as the President and Chief Training Officer of the Norwegian Dobermann Club (NDK).  After moving back to Germany, he then served as President, Breed Warden and Training Officer of the German Dobermann Chapter Club of Kiel, and became one of 10 elite Dobermann Verein specialty judges that were triple-licensed to judge the German ZTP (compulsory Fit for Breeding test), Schutzhund Trials and conformation (DV/VDH).  During this period he was also a licensed Working Dog Judge (AZG/VDH) and served as President of the SV German Shepherd Dog Chapter Club of Steinburg, where he continued a parallel interest in the German Shepherd Dog.  German Shepherd Dogs Jens Kollenberg has either owned or bred have both won and placed at Germany and Australia’s most prestigious National shows (multiple VA and Excellent-Select graded dogs) and trials (National and State IPO Champions). After moving to Australia, he was concurrently licensed as a conformation (CCC/ANKC) and working dog judge (IPO) and is currently the President and Chief Judge of the national organization, Working Malinois Australia Inc.

A Dobermann specialist judge since 1975, his many international appointments have taken him to over 20 different countries.  He has also judged working dog trials for different breed clubs internationally including qualification trials for national championships.  Jens Kollenberg’s wide experience in all these areas of expertise have allowed him to accept invitations to lecture on all aspects of the breed, its development and training.  But perhaps overshadowing this, Jens Kollenberg is probably best known for the enduring international breeding success of his kennel vom Norden Stamm. For more than five decades Norden Stamm bred dogs have consistently been placed at top; with conformation, reproductive and working champions found in 31 lands on all 5 Continents.

From the mid-Sixties, many dogs and bitches owned &/or bred by the kennel have exerted an enormous influence on the development of the Dobermann as well as on the other breeds that followed.  Europe’s most famous leading sire in the Seventies was undoubtedly Ch. Guys Hilo vom Norden Stamm, SchH3.   The dominant black Hilo was an international, German, Nordic, Swedish & Danish Champion as well as a Sieger winner in five countries.  Hilo was shown 27 times for 24 Best of Breeds, including the National Champion titles of Finnish Sieger ’75, Norwegian Sieger ’76, ’77 and Nordic Sieger ’75, ’76, ’77, Bundessieger ’77 and Europasieger ’78.  Commenting on the photo of Jens and Hilo (top right), taken in August 1977,  Jens wrote at that time, “this photo was when Hilo became Landesgruppe Working Dog Champion with 290 points at a trial organized by the Police Dog Club, where Hilo competed against top class German Shepherd Dogs & Rottweilers only to beat them all, making him the finest dog I have ever had by giving me the chance to demonstrate why Dobermanns are the best dogs in the world.

Hilo went on and sired more than 100 Champions and in the words of the German Chief of Judges, Ottmar Vogel, from his book “Zucht & Sport mit dem Dobermann”, Hilo’s breed significance was summed up when Mr. Vogel wrote; “It would be hard to imagine the Dobermann in Europe today without Hilo.”

The many famous vom Norden Stamm dogs are too numerous to list here, but special mention should be made of the Champions and multi-Siegerins Mia vom Norden Stamm SchH3 FH and Kalina vom Norden Stamm SchH3.  (Kalina a German, VDH & international Champion, Bundesjg.siegerin ’86, DV Jg.siegerin ’86, Europajg.siegerin ’86, IDC Siegerin ’87, Bundessiegerin ’87, Landessiger Nord ’87, Europasiegerin ’88, DV Siegerin ’88, World Sieger ’89.  Mia a German, VDH & international Champion, Europajg.siegerin ’88, 2 x Bundessiegerin ’88 & ’90, Landessieger Nord ’88, DV Siegerin ’89, IDC Siegerin ’89, Europasiegerin ’89, Middle Europasiegerin ’89, DDR Siegerin ’90, Apolda Siegerin ’90, Dutch Winner ’90.) Both were born in the mid-Eighties, and they, like all the kennel’s brood bitches, proved their functionality by gaining their SchH3 degrees in strong competition, Kalina also awarded a civil commendation from the police for bravery. Even today both females still rank amongst the most titled Dobermanns in the history of the breed. 

Blood will tell; both Mia and Kalina were great-grand daughters of Guys Hilo vom Norden Stamm and their children and grandchildren along with related descendants, have continued the family tradition of producing National Siegers and Specialty Winners in many different countries.  NB: Kalina’s immediate descendants were found in 13 lands on five continents and included six National specialty winners, such as the 1991 IDC Siegerin + Bundessiegerin & BOB Jahama Royal Bell.

The Nineties was a Golden Era for the Dobermann in Europe, with Norden Stamm producing many of the world’s 1st class Champion Dobermanns.  Amongst these were dogs of the calibre of the German Sieger Rembrandt vom Norden Stamm SchH3, the Italian Sieger Prince vom Norden Stamm SchH3, the Finnish Siegerin Nemesis Alida vom Norden Stamm SchH1, the Swedish Siegerin Gilda vom Norden Stamm SchH1, the Swedish Sieger dog Fedor vom Norden Stamm SchH1, the 3 x Swedish IDC Siegerin Sascha vom Norden Stamm Angekört, the Portuguese Siegerin Ebony vom Norden Stamm SchH3, Apolda Siegerin & the Golden Bear Winner Tiffeny vom Norden Stamm SchH.3, the South African Club Specialty Winner Odin vom Norden Stamm SchH1, the South African League Championship Winner Danika vom Norden Stamm and the Norwegian Winner Falk vom Norden Stamm.

Concurrently that same decade internationally, at least 32 immediate offspring of Norden Stamm-bred dogs were recorded as having won major national and specialty awards, which includes the European Junior Champion Pelangristamm’s Armin SchH3 and the USA Reserve National Champion Winner Dog, Cara’s Talon SchH3.  More importantly was how many of these champion dogs went on and proved to be important producers in their own right.

Now retired and living in Australia, Jens Kollenberg has retained his appreciation of the Dobermann and his German Shepherd Dogs, but his main focus today is on the breeding, training and competitive trialling of his Malinois.  Early 1999, while living in Germany, Jens purchased his first Malinois female, Libby des Teutones Sch.H.3, and his interest in the breed continued upon his return to Australia, where he won the 2004 Australian National Grand Champion title with the imported Malinois dog, Bryan v. Haus Mecki IPO3.  The same year Jens imported the siblings, Zico van de Berlex-Hoeve IPO3 FH (No. 3 at the 2003 FCI World Championship, No2 Belgium National Championship) and Zita van de Berlex-Hoeve IPO3, FH + a 2 x Queensland State Champion. 

Well stocked with fully imported, world class Malinois, the Nordenstamm Malinois Kennel quickly established itself as Australia’s No.1 working dog kennel, breeding high performance sport dogs that have not only monopolized the winner’s podiums, but also produced dogs for many of the practical requirements of the Services.  Jens Kollenberg is certified as a Preferred Breeder for the Australian Defense Forces and his dogs are found in the pedigrees of the majority of the Royal Australian Air Force’s Military Working Dogs.  Besides going into the Australian Defense Forces (SAS/RAAF) they are found in Special Emergency Rescue Teams (SERT police dog), in Correctional Services as well as the Australian Federal and State Police dog squads and working as licensed security dogs.  The kennel has also successfully provided the dog of choice for a range of canine hobby activists, including those involved in the two FCI-endorsed protection sports of IPO and Mondioring.

Having bred some 90 litters in the past 60 years (Dobermann, German Shepherd Dogs and Malinois) and when asked “the secret” behind his persistent breeding success over that time, Jens Kollenberg replies that, “a simple breeding cliché to follow is that visual analysis tells us what the dog appears to be, the pedigree tells us what it should be and more importantly, the progeny tell us what it actually is. Over the years it has been helpful keeping this in mind when breeding dogs.

Now 82 years of age and “living the dream” in Australia on the Gold Coast, Jens still remains highly active in breeding, training and trialling his dogs. Early in 2020 he returned to Germany to trial his 2 year old female – the Zico v.d. Berlex-Hoeve granddaughter, Nordenstamm Magnifique A.I. (Baxter Ostraryka x Nordenstamm Ellie A.I.), successfully gaining her IGP3 & FH titles in 4 trials over 3 months at 4 different clubs under SV judges; each time “Maggie” winning High-in-Trial (Tagessieger) including finishing her IGP3 with a score of 100-98-93= 291 points!

Jens Kollenberg’s far reaching international canine background together with the persistent success of his dogs over successive decades in all facets of the working dog scene place him amongst the most experienced trainer/breeder/judges found in the world today.

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Amida av Norden Stamm SchH3, K.kl.1a, VA5 2001 SV Siegerschau.
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