A Brief History


Norden Stamm dogs have maintained their strong international appeal because they’ve transcended all superficial labels and trends. More than five decades on and 90 litters later, the kennel’s dogs continue to influence breed development in countries around the world.

The Nordenstamm name is prized for good looking dogs that can work, for their consistency of their individual excellence, and recognized world-wide for the persistent hereditary powers of their genetic transmission, being soundly and reliably bred for Type and function over generations of leading European dogs. World-wide, the kennel can include a large number of National and International Champions, and in the wider European arena alone, dogs from the kennel have won all the major European National & Sieger titles many times over.

The kennel can also pride itself on the number of dual titled dogs it has bred, collecting a mass of working awards between them in many different countries. Amongst them are countless Schutzhund/IPO, FH, AD & BH titles with German State & Reserve Regional Working Champions, German Meisterschaft winners and placegetters, Pokalkamp Siegers and countless High-in-Trial awards in German SV, DVG, DV and ADRK trials as well as in trials in other lands, amongst German Police Commendated, Norwegian National Working Champions, Swedish Army Test certified (top grades), Swedish MUH (Junior survey) titled, Swedish & German Angekört dogs, National Kennel Club titles that include Obedience and Tracking Champions, CD, UD, CDX, UDX, TT, Hct and Agility titled dogs as well as certified WAC and American SAR (Search & Rescue) dogs.

In the Seventies, Europe’s most famous Dobermann was the Champion and multiple Sieger, Guys Hilo vom Norden Stamm SchH3. Touted at the time as the “Sire of the Century”, this large dog with his noble outline possessed an excellent phenotype and  genotype that not only ensured his own place in history, but also that of many of his descendents. Hilo was a Champion and a Sieger dog in five countries, siring well over 100 Champions, including four German National Champions (Bundessiegers). Hilo’s enormous fighting spirit and way above average prey drive came through to permeate the breed, lifting the breed’s working standard in one generation and commenting on this in the words of Ottmar Vogel, the German DV Chief of Judges & Chief Koer-Meister, where in his book, Zucht und Sport mit dem Dobermann, he sums up Hilo’s breeding significance when he wrote; “it would be hard to imagine the Dobermann in Europe today without Hilo”.

In the Eighties, Germany’s shiniest stars were again Norden Stamm dogs in the form of the multi-Siegerins, National as well as World Champion Kalina v. Norden Stamm SchH3 and Mia v. Norden Stamm SchH3, FH.  The legacy of this line continues in European and other Dobermann programs world-wide today. As did all the kennel’s brood bitches, both proved their workability by gaining their Schutzhund 3 titles, performing well above average in their competition and in the case of Kalina, also proving her qualities as a civil dog – both still standing amongst the most titled Dobermanns in the history of the breed today.

Mia and Kalina were both great-grand daughters of Hilo.

In the Nineties, the persistence of these bloodlines was evident as their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren continue winning major National-Sieger-Speciality titles in many different countries around the world.  

Notable achievers in the Nineties were the Champion and German Sieger, Rembrandt vom Norden Stamm SchH3, the Champion and Finnish Winner, Nemesis Alida vom Norden Stamm SchH1, the Champion and 3 times Scandinavian (IDC) Winner, Sascha vom Norden Stamm SchH1, the Portuguese Champion and Siegerin, Ebony vom Norden Stamm SchH3, the Champion and Swedish Winner Gilda v. Norden Stamm SchH1, the South African Champion & Specialty winner, Danika v. Norden Stamm, the Italian Champion and Sieger, Prinz v. Norden Stamm SchH 3, the German Champion and Siegerin, Nicole v. Norden Stamm SchH 3, the German Champion and Reserve Eurosieger, Ninjo v. Norden Stamm SchH3, the German Champion and State Siegerin, Tiffany v. Norden Stamm SchH 3, the German Champion and State Siegerin, Quallas v. Norden Stamm SchH3, and a USA Champion and Reserve National Winner Dog, Cara’s Talon SchH3 (co-bred by Carlisle & Kollenberg) – to name just a few.

Of interest, is in that same decade, at least 31 known progeny sired by or out of a Norden Stamm-bred dog won a range of Sieger, Speciality, Winner, World and National Champion &/or National Reserve Champion titles and awards in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Holland, Indonesia, Japan, France, Portugal, Russia, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Of course there were many other winners that we would like to have mentioned.

Parallel to the Dobermanns, the kennel’s interest in breeding and training world-class German Shepherd Dogs was epitomised by Amida av Norden Stamm SchH3, winning VA5 at the 2001 SV Siegerschau in Germany out of a class of 130 females. Her Schutzdienst on the day was hailed as the best amongst the females.

Another product of Jens Kollenberg’s genius as a breeder was the Australian Gold Medal Winner, Troy v.d. Noriswand (imp Germany) – Excellent-Select 1 at the Australian Main Breed Show. Troy is another example of the kennel’s history of engaging in co-operative breeding arrangements with like-minded breeders; Jens sharing breeding females in inclusive arrangements. Troy’s mother, Jenny v. Falltor SchH1, was not only owned by Jens Kollenberg, but, like her son Troy, was a product of a mating he orchestrated as well as owned; again as in a number of previous instances over the decades, by allowing a friend or a partner to use their own kennel name or vica versa.

The success of Jens Kollenberg’s willingness to enter breeding co-operatives with other like-minded people become evident in Dobermanns like Guys Hilo and Heidi vom Norden Stamm, Nemesis Alida v. Norden Stamm, Pelangristamm’s Armin, Cara’s Talon, Rotkäppchen v.d. Cara; the German Shepherd Dogs Troy & Tuc v. Noriswand and Jenny v. Falltor; as well as the Malinois Avallone Ari.

As well as his own self-bred dogs, the kennel also imported a number of German Shepherd Dogs that proved influential in Norway, Australia and New Zealand. Amongst those were the Reserve Sieger & Excellent-Select 2 at the Australian Main Breed Show, Alk v. Domenica SchH3, VA; the Excellent-Select 10 dog at the Australian Main Breed Show, Jasso v.d. Roten Matter SchH3; the Excellent-Select 3 dog at the Australian Main Breed Show plus VA3 at the Swedish Sieger Show, Hacky v. Finkenschlag SchH3; the Reserve-Siegerin at the Queensland Breed Specialty Show female, Leike v. Kirschental SchH1, the Best In Show winning dog, Lardo v. Kirschental SchH3 and the V-rated Fanny v.d. Roten Matter SchH3 (imported in whelp to the SV Sieger dog, Jeck v. Noricum SchH3.)

Troy v. Noriswand figures amongst Jens Kollenbergs most successful GSD imports; rating Excellent-Select 1 and winning the Gold Medal at the Australian Main Breed Show and going on to leave a positive mark on the breed. The full brother back in Germany, Tuc (owned by the Noriswand kennel) was also a great success, taking out the Junior National Champion at the Austrian Sieger Show from early in his career before being sold abroad.

Jens Kollenberg also imported working-line German Shepherd Dogs to Australia. The genetics of the black import, Fax v. Grenzganger SchH3, no. 12 at the SV (German National) Meisterschaft; proved to be of great significance in both the Police Dog and the Military Working Dog breeding programs in the country, as well as Fax being the sire and grandsire of a number of high performing sport dogs.  The black and tan bitch, Grazie v.d. Talka Marda was imported at six months of age.  Alison titled to her SchH3, IPO3, FH2 and later an IPO-FH was added.  Grazie won High-in-Trial at the 2002 Australian National and was the 2004 & 2005 National FH Champion, as well as a National H.O.T. Champion with Alison.  Add to these titles her CDX, UD, TC awards, and Grazie has the distinction of being Australia and New Zealand’s most titled German Shepherd sport dog – just ahead of her equally as prolific winning son, Nordenstamm Chiller.

For a female, Grazie also proved an influential propagator of talented descendents. For the kennel she produced Nordenstamm Fee – Best BH at the 2005 National; Nordenstamm Freya BH,TR, OB (deceased); Nordenstamm Casey BH, FH2, 2005 State FH Champion; Nordenstamm Chiller SchH3, IPO3, VPG3, FH1, 2005 State Champion, High-In-Trial at the 2005 Australian National, 2 times High-in-Trial in Germany and no 82 at the 2007 WUSV (World) Championship in Slovakia. (View the video of Chiller in Protection at the WUSV 2007 World Championship under Our German Shepherd Dogs.)

NB: Grazie was also the grandmother of Nordenstamm Gunnar SchH3, FH & a National Champion in 2008. Gunner was also a popular sire in the Victorian Police dog program. Gunner’s full sister, Nordenstamm Genesis (both sired by Fax v. Grenzganger) won the Australian National FH Champion tracking title with 92 points in 2011. Grazie later went on and produced service dogs and sport titled offspring for another kennel, passing away from natural causes at 11 years of age.

After an ear-cropping ban was introduced in Germany, the kennel diversified away from Dobermanns completely.  In 1999 the kennel got its first Malinois from the Löwenfels and Teutones kennels. Back in Australia, the kennel focused first on the Germans Shepherds and then switched attention to developing a superior gene pool of Malinois from imported Belgium lines. Its foundation dog came from the Berlex-Hoeve kennel and was a European super star.  The internationally famous Zico v.d. Berlex Hoeve IPO3, SchH3, FH2, was No. 3 at the 2003 FCI IPO Championships, won No. 2 at the 2004 Belgium National IPO Championships, as well as winning third place at the 2004 Belgium Malinois IPO Championship. Jens then purchased Zico and his journey “Down Under” began together with his equally talented full sister, Zita v.d. Berlex Hoeve, IPO 3, SchH 3, FH1.  She was also the 2007 & 2008 Queensland State IPO Champion with Jens. 


The first generation of Nordenstamm Malinois quickly made their mark as service dogs and sport dogs. Two went to the Australian Federal Police, one to Correctional Services and one to the RAAF. Four others were IPO3 titled. Best known of the siblings were the 2008 & 2011 Australian Grand National Champion & National High-In-Trial Obedience, Nordenstamm Hassan, SchH3, IPO3, FH2; and the 2008 National H.O.T. Champion, National High-In-Trial Protection, 2012 Grand National Champion and 2015 National FH Champion Nordenstamm Hannah, SchH3, IPO3, FH2, IPO-FH. The Nordenstamm H-litter out of Zita v.d. Berlex-Hoeve was imported in utero (i.i.u) and sired the 3 X World Champion Yagus v.d. Duvetorre IPO3.

Head and shoulders above the rest, Nordenstamm dogs stand out as the most prolific winners of Australian National IPO Championships.

The vast majority of the kennel’s winners are owner/trained, starting at the inaugural National Champion Schutzhund Trial in 2002 where Alison Kollenberg won both High-in-Trial (overall) and National H.O.T. Champion award with their German import Grazie v.d. Talka Marda Sch.H., IPO3, FH.  The team also won the National High in Trial Obedience and National High in Trial Tracking awards.

In 2003 Alison and Grazie won the National FH Champion title as well as High-in-Trial tracking overall (96 points).

In 2004 Jens Kollenberg won the Australian Grand National Schutzhund3 Championship with the German Malinois import Bryan v. Haus Mecki IPO3. The team also won High-in-Trial Obedience (97 points) and High-in-Trial Protection (96 points).

At the 2005 Australian National IPO Championship Nordenstamm Chiller won the National High-in-Trial (overall) and the National H.O.T. Champion. Grazie v.d. Talka Marda won the National FH Champion title at the same trial. The Best BH Dog at the event was Alison Kollenberg with Nordenstamm Fee. All were German Shepherd Dogs.

In 2006 there was no National Championship in the Australia but the kennel was back again in 2007 with the two Nordenstamm siblings, Hassan and Halina, winning the National High-in-Trial Obedience and High-in-Trial Tracking awards respectively.

At the 2008 National the Nordenstamm teams entered won their classes across the board. The 2008 Australian Grand National IPO3 Champion was Alison Kollenberg and Nordenstamm Hassan with 284 points. This team also won High-In-Trial (overall) and High-in-Trial Obedience (94 points).  The 2008 National H.O.T. Champion was Alison Kollenberg and Nordenstamm Hannah, with 279 points. High-in-Trial Protection was also won by Nordenstamm Hannah (93 points), also taking out the Helper’s Choice award.  At the same event Nordenstamm Genesis won High-in-Trial TR dog and Nordenstamm Ilana won Best BH Dog.

At the 2009 National the National High-In-Trial (overall) was Nordenstamm Harley with 283 points. Harley and Ilana Hepner also won National H.O.T. (handler/owner/trainer) Champion.

In 2010 Jens and Alison left Australia with Nordenstamm Hassan and Nordenstamm Hannah for 13 months of dog trialling in Germany.  During this period overseas Nordenstamm Hassan did 12 IPO trials in different clubs each time and was rated Excellent (V-rated) seven times overall with his best score an incredible 295 points!  Hassan finished the year by winning 1st place and the title of State Champion at the strongly contested 2010 DVG Landesgruppe Westfalen Meisterschaft – winning with a convincing 288 points. That year Hassan also placed No 46 at the FMBB World Championship for Belgian Shepherd Dogs at Cottbus, Germany, taking out the 13th place overall in Obedience and making him the highest placing Australian entry at any international event.

Nordenstamm Hannah did 11 trials while in Germany. Her best trial score was 291 points, together with 3 perfect scores of 100 points in tracking during her stay. Hannah also won High-in-Trial Tracking (100 points) at the DVG State Championship – the only dog at the event to achieve a perfect score. Hannah rated Excellent (V-rated) seven times from 11 trials and rated Very Good (SG) three times. Both dogs are multiple High-in-Trial winners in Germany, Australia and in Hassan’s case, also in New Zealand.


Back in Australia in time for the 2011 National, Nordenstamm Hassan won Australian Grand National IPO3 Champion for a second time. Sitting on 286 points, Jens Kollenberg with Hassan also won the High-in-Trial (overall) plus High-in-Trial Obedience with 97 points.  The National H.O.T. Champion that same year was Alison Kollenberg with Nordenstamm Hannah, scoring 282 points. Alison and Hannah also won High-in-Trial Protection (97 points) and High-in-Trial Tracking (99 points.) The 2011 National FH Champion was Robert Neilsen and Nordenstamm Genesis with 92 points. The 2011 Helper’s Choice award went to Nordenstamm Hassan.

Then at the 2012 National the High-in-Trial dog (overall) was Nordenstamm Ondra IPO3.  Her trainer, Robyn English, also won the National H.O.T. Champion title. Ondra’s “Auntie”, Nordenstamm Hannah, won the Australian Grand National IPO3 Champion title that same year.

At the 2013 National IPO Championship, the 1st place and National High-in-Trial (overall) was Nordenstamm Sanka, IPO3.  The second placegetter and Australian National H.O.T. Champion that year was Nordenstamm Panko IPO3 with Lyle Slingsby.

This winning trend continued into 2014, when at the 2014 National Alison Kollenberg won the Australian Grand National IPO3 Champion title with her self-trained German import, Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede IPO3, on a cracking 292 points under the German DVG Judge, Hans Ebbers.  From her three trials in Germany and one trial Australia, Lilo was four times the High-in-Trial.  Included was the 2014 National High-In-Trial (overall) with High-in-Trial Obedience (97 points).  That year the National IPO2 Champion was Nordenstamm Tzary and the National FH Champion was Nordenstamm Genesis, for a second year in a row. High-in-Trial Protection went to Nordenstamm Panko (99 points) and the Best BH Dog was Nordenstamm Ufa. The Helper’s Choice award went to Nordenstamm Tex.

In 2015 the National High-in-Trial (overall) winner was won by Alison Kollenberg and Nordenstamm Yes with 284 points – the Dutch Judge making special mention of the fact the team was a full 24 points ahead of the next closest competitor! As well as winning High-in-Trial, Alison and Yessie also won all the other possible titles on offer; National H.O.T. Champion, High-in-Trial Tracking, High-in-Trial Protection, High-in-Trial Obedience, with Nordenstamm Yes also awarded Helper’s Choice.  The National IPO3 Champion was Yessie’s full brother, Nordenstamm Yazuka, and the Best BH Dog was Nordenstamm Claude.

In 2016 the Grand National IPO3 Champion title went Nordenstamm Tex (271 points.) Tex also won National High-in-Trial (overall) with Nordenstamm Yes taking out High-in-Trial Obedience and High-in-Trial Protection. The Helper’s Choice award (again) went to Nordenstamm Yes.

In 2017 Nordenstamm dogs again claimed all the major Championship titles: National Champion IPO3 Nordenstamm Talina, National Champion IPO1 Nordenstamm Dixi, National High in Trial Obedience and Protection and Helper’s Choice to Nordenstamm Yes. National FH Champion Nordenstamm Crazee and overall National Champion IPO High in Trial (Nordenstamm Dixi).

2018 the kennel had another clean sweep at the National Championships. National Champion IPO High-in-Trial was Nordenstamm Crazee. Nordenstamm dogs won National Champion IPO1, 2 & 3 (Nordenstamm Crazee, Nordenstamm Dixi and Nordenstamm Yes.) National High in Trial tracking was won by Nordenstamm Crazee (also National FH Champion for the 2nd time) and National High in Trial Protection was won by Nordenstamm Heat. Helper’s Choice was Nordenstamm Heat.

2018 Nordenstamm Dartagnan won the National Mondioring Champion title and Nordenstamm Dixi was the runner-p (MR1). Best MAT dog was Nordenstamm Fanta.

2019 Nordenstamm dogs won both National titles for Mondioring (NS Lara) and National IGP3 (NS Heat). Nordenstamm Heat was also Helper’s Choice. Nordenstamm Finni won Decoy’s Choice in Mondioring. Best MAT Dog was Nordenstamm Lethal.

In 2020 Nordenstamm-bred dogs continue to consistently win important events wherever they compete. Nordenstamm Magnifique jump started the year by obtaining her IGP3, FH titles in 3 months, winning High in Trial at each level under different SV judges.

As well as IPO and Mondioring, our dogs shine by the variety and numbers of awards in Kennel Club events or in alternative canine sporting clubs, not to overlook licensing &/or accreditation in civic work such as Correctional Services, in the Australian Defense Forces, SAR and other events to numerous to list them all here.

Some of the competitive spirits deserving of a special mention are the ANKC Australian dual Champion, Nordenstamm Prix. Prix is a working and show champion with wins in Obedience, Agility and Speciality events. Prix was selected for Team Australia to Crufts in 2012, is a Sydney Royal Winner; taking out the Jack Goldstein Medal for Excellence plus was inducted into the Hall of Fame for dual champions. Another dual Australian Champion (RO) is Nordenstamm Zara CDX, RAE, ET., together with the Australian National UD Champion and Obedience Grand Champion, Australian Tracking Champion and Winner of the Golden Dumbbell Nordenstamm Udo UDX. Udo won Utility Dog of the Year for two years in the row, following up with a Mondioring 1 title in 2020! 

Another Golden Dumbbell Winner from North Queensland is Nordenstamm Aska CDX, UDX, RN, GD & TDX.  Aska is an Australian Tracking (TCH) and Obedience Champion (OCH).  In Hawaii are the High-in-Trial and Novice Agility Winners Nordenstamm Annika and Alani although the prize for the most prolific competitor must go to Australian Champion Nordenstamm Dess BH, RN.  Dess is a multiple Best of Breed winner including Best of Breed and Best Junior in Show at the Brisbane Royal Show; currently No. 3 ranking in all of Australia.

In the noble pursuit of Search and Rescue skills we cannot overlook Nordenstamm Blackarrow. Arrow a stand out performer in this civic discipline. 

Nordenstamm Malinois can claim titles in a variety of activities; Nordenstamm Hannah (IPO3, FH2, IPO-FH), Nordenstamm Hassan (IPO3, FH2, CDX, UD), Nordenstamm Aska (CDX, UD, Agility Champion), Nordenstamm Yves (Aust. Champion, CD, RN), Nordenstamm Yakuza (IPO3), Nordenstamm Ukody (IPO1), Nordenstamm Sanka (IPO3, FH2), Nordenstamm Wesley (CDX), Nordenstamm Zaron (ET). Nordenstamm Ondra (IPO3, FH2), Nordenstamm Claude (BH, WD1), Nordenstamm Talina (IPO3, FH1), Nordenstamm Yasco (IPO3, FH1), Nordenstamm Delta (Best of Breed), Nordenstamm Dess (Aust. Champion, CD, BH), Nordenstamm Cassie (Jetty Jumping awards), Nordenstamm YoYo (IPO1), Nordenstamm Aruba (BH), Nordenstamm Tzary (IPO3), Nordenstamm Udo (CDX, UD, TRCH, Moniodring 1), Nordenstamm Tex (IPO3), Nordenstamm Prix (Australian Champion, CDX), Nordenstamm Zara (CDX), Nordenstamm Prado (IPO3), Nordenstamm Dell (Muzzle Engagement Security Dog Certified), Nordenstamm Wisdom (BH), Nordenstamm Cracker (BH, Mondioring 2), Nordenstamm Undine (BH), Nordenstamm Ilana (Dancing Dog & Dock Diving Champion), Nordenstamm Crazee (IGP2, FH2), Nordenstamm Dixi (Mondioring1, IGP3), Nordenstamm Yes (IPO3, FH1), Nordenstamm Heat (IGP3), Nordenstamm Chase (IPO3), Nordenstamm Callie (WD1, BH, MAT), Nordenstamm Ellie (BH, MAT), Nordenstamm Lucy (BH, UPr.3), Nordenstamm Blackarrow (cert. SAR Dog), Nordenstamm Bindi (Agility Champion), Nordenstamm Dartagnan (Mondioring 2, BH), Nordenstamm Finni BH, Mondioring 1), Nordenstamm Queen (BH, Dancing & Dock Diving Champion, Mondioring 1), Nordenstamm Lara (Mondioring 2), Nordenstamm Fanta (Mondioring 1), Nordenstamm Edge (BH), Nordenstamm Geckyll (IGP1), Nordenstamm Magnifique (IGP3, FH), Nordenstamm Mischa (BH, UPr.1), Nordenstamm Echo (SERT Special Forces dog), Nordenstamm Bear (NT Police Dog), Nordenstamm Robbie (Qld. Police Dog), Nordenstamm Mojo (Federal Police Dog), Nordenstamm Haos (Federal Police Dog), Nordenstamm Hannable (Correctional Services), Nordenstamm Axel (cert. Detection Dog), Nordenstamm Enzra (Correctional Services), Nordenstamm Maximum (SAS), Nordenstamm Joep (SAS), Nordenstamm Quando (SAS), Nordenstamm Lardo (RAAF MWD), Nordenstamm Ucas & Ulf (RAAF MWD), Nordenstamm Indiana (RAAF MWD, winner of Instructor’s Award), Nordenstamm Yippee (lic. Security Dog), Nordenstamm Taser (lic. Security Dog), Nordenstamm Bolero (lic. Security Dog), Nordenstamm Fantom (SERT), Nordenstamm Brutus (lic. SecurityDog), Nordenstamm Kaos (RAAF MWD & Top K9 ADF), Nordenstamm Gator (Vic. Water Police), Nordenstamm Istan (WA Police), Nordenstamm Fantom (Correctional Services) and Nordenstamm Cougar (CD,RN and winner of the CCKC Obedience Agrigate Trophy).

Our apologies to those many other titled Nordenstamm dogs not mentioned here that includes those successfully integrated into the Australian Defense Forces, a percentage of which have at least one Nordenstamm ancestor, Police and Special Forces – many flying under the radar.

Quality does have a name; over decades Nordenstamm has not only produced the dogs for all our practical needs but has provided innumerable breeding programs world-wide with the secure genetic foundations to build their own dynasties.