NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW (Nordenstamm Waldo x Nordenstamm Tess) worked together this month with FEMA instructors, Eric and Tracy Darling from the USA, to complete a program designed to address different urban search and rescue training techniques and deployment. Many thanks to Search and Rescue Dogs Australia (SARDA) for the workshop.  Angelica confirming “Arrow” a top rating performer in agility, directions control and the search elements on various types of very tricky rubble. Congratulations Angelica!

NORDENSTAMM JOEP aka “KUGA” has been posthumously awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal for gallantry! He is the first Australian dog in its 75 year history to be so honoured. Kuga took five bullets from a Taliban’s AK-47 in the course of protecting his unit in Afghanistan.  LT.GEN Rick Burr @ChiefAusArmy wrote: “On behalf of the Australian Army, I wish to acknowledge Special Operations (SAS) Military Working Dog Kuga on being awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal. Known as the Victoria Cross for animals, the award reflects the actions & courage Kuga demonstrated supporting troops on operations in Afghanistan.” RIP Kuga. NB: Kuga is a son of Zico v.d. Berlex-Hoeve out of Nordenstamm Hannah, therefore a line breeding on Turcodos v.d. Duvetorre.

VALE – NORDENSTAMM KAOS 15.12.2007 – 22.10.2018.  Sad of hear of the passing of Military Working Dog, Nordenstamm Kaos, a son of Zico v.d. Berlex-Hoeve out of Nordenstamm Hannah – making him a full brother in blood to the aforementioned Nordenstamm Joep (aka “Kuga”).  Kaos was a leading RAAF stud dog for breeding Military Working Dogs and won the Australian Defense Force’s 2013 Top K9 award that year. RIP Kaos.

NORDENSTAMM CRAZEE A.I. (Nordenstamm Kaos x Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede) has been artificially inseminated with Baxter Ostraryka (imp. Czech) semen. Puppies are due at the end of November. Crazee is the 2018 National Champion IPO High-in-Trial + 2017, 2018 National FH Champion.

BARYK RETROBELGE (Filou x Aillen Retrobelge) MR3 and Claus Angerer, wins 1st place at the 2018 FCI World Championship for Mondioring in Russia!  Nordenstamm Kennel imported frozen semen from Baryk earlier this year. (See Stud Dogs)

NORDENSTAMM FINNI (Lennox v.d. Berlex-Hoeve x Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede) – new BH title under WMA judge, Cheryl Chaffey. Congratulations Vida!

NORDENSTAMM IVANA (Lennox v.d. Berlex-Hoeve x Nordenstamm Edge) – new MAT title under German judge, Hans Ebbers! Congratulations Brad!

NORDENSTAMM LARA A.I. (Jaguar de Alphaville Bohemia x Nordenstamm Crazee) – new MAT title under German udge Hans Ebbers! Congratulation Dimitris!

NORDENSTAMM INCA (Lennox v.d. Berlex-Hoeve x Nordenstamm Edge) new MAT title under German judge, Hans Ebbers. Congratulations Emma!

NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW (Nordenstamm Waldo x Nordenstamm Tess) and Angelica of Southern Cross Search Dogs Victoria participated in a combined agency USAR skills maintenance exercise with he Victoria State Emergency Services. Arrow one of the SAR dogs praised for doing a great job locating all survivors, which were then extracted and rescued by the SES teams.  Officials report the collaboration was invaluable, with a high degree of professionalism and skill shown by all participants.

NORDENSTAMM CRAZEE becomes Australian National Champion IPO (all levels/all breeds)  + winner of the National Champion High-in-Trial Malinois Perpetual Trophy! Congratulations Robert!
NORDENSTAMM DIXI wins National High-in-Trial IPO Runner-Up.  Congratulations Alison!
NORDENSTAMM DIXI and Alison Kollenberg win National H.O.T. Champion.
NORDENSTAMM DIXI wins National Champion IPO 2 Dog.
NORDENSTAMM CRAZEE wins National Champion IPO1 Dog. 
NORDENSTAMM YES i.i.u. Germany, wins National Champion IPO3 Dog. Congratulations Karen!
NORDENSTAMM CRAZEE – winner of National High-in-Trial Tracking.
NORDENSTAMM HEAT – winner of National High-in-Trial Protection. Congratulations Cheryl!
NORDENSTAMM CRAZEE becomes National FH Champion. Congratulations Robert!
NORDENSTAMM HEAT voted National Helper’s Choice for the best character in Protection.
NATIONAL IPO TEAM CHAMPIONS won by WMA Inc. Gold Coast members:
1) Nordenstamm Crazee & Robert Neilsen
2) Nordenstamm Dixi & Alison Kollenberg
NORDENSTAMM ENKA – new BH title. Congratulations Deborah!
NORDENSTAMM JUSTINE – new MAT title. Congratulations Kristi-Anne!
NORDENSTAMM ELLIE – new BH title. Congratulations Lacey!
NORDENSTAMM TALINA i.i.u. Germany – IPO3 title. Congratulations Cheryl!

NORDENSTAMM DARTAGNAN wins Australian National Mondioring Champion. Congratulations Tafline!
NORDENSTAMM DARTAGNAN wins National Mondioring High-in-Trial Level 1 (MR1) Dog.
NORDENSTAMM DIXI wins Runner-Up Mondioring Level 1 (MR1) Dog. Congratulations Alison!
NB: At this event NORDENSTAMM DIXI also became the FIRST self-bred, self trained dog in Australia to win an internationally recognized Mondioring title!
NORDENSTAMM FANTA wins Best MAT Dog. Congratulations Tafline!
MONDIORING NATIONAL TEAM CHAMPIONS won by Sydney Ringsport Club Inc. members:
1) Nordenstamm Cracker & Russell Ward
2) Nordenstamm Dartagnan & Tafline Gillespie
NORDENSTAMM CRACKER earns new Mondioring Level 1 title (MR1). Congratulations Russell!

NORDENSTAMM CHASE earns a TR3 title for the 3rd time at Schutzhund Australia National. Congratulations Vanessa!
NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – Angelica & her SAR dog Blackarrow undergo combined agency USAR skills maintenance exercises with ten Victoria State Emergency Service Agencies. Well done Angie!
NORDENSTAMM ASKA earns a new Track and Search title and a new Rally O Champion title! The title needs a lot of qualifications and the team only started last June, whereby Aska went from Novice to Champion in one year! Well done Silke!

NORDENSTAMM CALLIE earns new WD1 (Obedience + Protection) title. Congratulations Angela!
NORDENSTAMM HANNA qualifications at the Nanango Triple Trial. Well done Chris!

RIP NORDENSTAMM HANNABLE i.i.u. Belgium, aka “Tonto”. 2005 – 20018. “Tonto” was a Correctional Services dog from 2006 until he retired to home life in 2014. His handler reported he was “an exceptional dog with an exceptional temperament and there was nothing that he wouldn’t have a go at,” and that in 2011 “Tonto” came equal first in the annual assessments for the State of Queensland where 70 dogs were assessed for Queensland Corrections – an achievement to boast about. Sadly missed. Our commiserations Glen.

The 7th of June is MILITARY WORKING DOG DAY where we take a moment to remember our special four-legged friends.
RIP our SAS Military Working Dog NORDENSTAMM JOEP aka “Kuga” which died in service to country in Afghanistan. End of Watch 2007 – 2012.

KEEPING IT ALL IN THE FAMILY! – Magic v.d. Berlex-Hoeve becomes 2018 FMBB World Champion for Mondioring (Level 3). Magic is the half brother to the kennel’s Belgium import, Lennox v.d. Berlex-Hoeve IPO3, sire of our Nordenstamm F, H, I, J & K litters!
NORDENSTAMM ELLIE – Smashes it at the Jetty Jumping winning two 1st places in Sky High & Fetch it. Handler Lacey and Ellie also take out the Aqua Dog & Handler of the Season award. Congratulations Lacey!
NORDENSTAMM M & N LITTER SIRE, Baxter Ostraryka and Miša Kollárová take out 4th in the FCI Qualification Trial, + winning and Best Obedience. The team are on their way to FCI World Championship! Congratulations Miša!
NORDENSTAMM DESS – Chosen as the new cover dog for for the Australian Flyball Association Inc. Congratulations Nikki!

NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – Angelica and Arrow complete the Lost Persons Behaviour course with renowned expert Robert Koester from the USA.
NORDENSTAMM DESS – Nikki reports Dess’s best win this year as Runner Up Neuter in Group, Best Neuter of Breed under Belgian Specialist Judge.
NORDENSTAMM DESS – Again winning Runner Up Neuter of Group, Best Neuter of Breed and Best Neuter Bitch at the ANZAC Day show. The team also invited once again to lay the wreath on behalf of the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Queensland at the War Dog memorial.
NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – Arrow gives a demonstration on behalf of USAR at an event for the Volunteer Leadership Forum at the Burnley MFB complex.
NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – Arrow invited by the Victoria Police Dog Squad and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade to participate in training and deployment exercises at the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre.  Arrow and Angelica do an amazing job, finding all the victims!
NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – Arrow gives a demonstration on behalf of the USAR of the amazing work SAR dogs do at the Dog Lovers Show, one of the largest dog festivals in the world held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne,

NORDENSTAMM CALLIE – New SPr.1 (Protection 1) title. Congratulations Angie!
NORDENSTAMM CRAZEE – Alison and Crazee with a new IPO1  title + HIT Protection with 96 points “a”.
NORDENSTAMM YES – New APr3 title. Congratulations Karen!
NORDENSTAMM DESS – The Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Queensland Specialty Open Shows:
Day 1 – Best Neuter in Show, Best Neuter of Breed, Best Neuter Bitch.
Day 2 – Runner Up Best Neuter in Show, Best Neuter of Breed and Best Bitch. Congratulations Nikki!

NORDENSTAMM ELLIE – A.I. mating to Baxter Ostraryka (Czech). Litter due February 2018!
NORDENSTAMM DIXI – New title! Level 1 Mondioring title and 2nd place in trial. Congratulations Alison!
NORDENSTAMM QUEEN – New title! Level 1 Mondioring title and 3rd. place in trial. Congratulations Karen!
NORDENSTAMM ELLIE – Passed Mondio-MAT. Congratulations Lacey!
NORDENSTAMM CALLIE – Passed Mondio-MAT. Congratulations Angie!
NORDENSTAMM HEAT – Passed Mondio-MAT. Congratulations Cheryl!
NORDENSTAMM PANKO – Passed Mondio-MAT title. Congratulations Lyle!
LENNOX v.d. BERLEX-HOEVE imp. Germany – New Mondio-MAT title. Congratulations Jeremiah!

NORDENSTAMM CHASE – Passes her TR3 for a second time.
NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – Successfully completes their SAUSARTF Module I (Search and Rescue) training program!
NORDENSTAMM ZARA – Anna and Zara win the ring in UD and then take out Winner of Winners in the run off against all other class winners. 
NORDENSTAMM ELLIE – Wins 1st place at Canine Disc in Freestyle skills yesterday at the Gold Coast Disc Competition. Congratulations Lacey!

NORDENSTAMM ASKA – Made 4 Rally Titles in rapid succession (Novice-Advanced -Excellent–RAE ) and is half way through Masters. Now needs only 3 more quallies for the title Obedience Grand Champion! Currently the team are the only ones competing in UDX in the North, earning her UDX and Obedience Champion title at the beginning of the year. What a super year! Congratulations Silke!
NORDENSTAMM IMPERATOR earns the score of 56/60 at his first obedience competition. Congratulations Glenn!
NORDENSTAMM ZARA – Another working title (RO) to add to her UD, RAE, ET in her ANKC Dual Championship certificate. Congratulations Anna!
NORDENSTAMM CHASE – New TR3 title. Congratulations Vanessa.
NORDENSTAMM CHASE – New IPO2 title. Congratulations Vanessa.
NORDENSTAMM YOYO – New IPO1 title & High in Trial with 273 points. Congratulations Desley.

NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – New Companion Dog title. Last leg in Novice with score of 184. CD from 3 trials with 3 passes. Congratulations Angelica!
NORDENSTAMM L-LITTER – 9 beautiful puppies whelped! By Jaguar de Alphaville Bohemia (Czech) x 2017 National FH Champion Nordenstamm Crazee.
NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – 1st place Novice & Highest Scoring Southern Member 2017 Victorian State Obedience Trial.  Congratulations Angelica!
NORDENSTAMM K-LITTER – 10 beautiful puppies whelped! By Lennox v.d. Berlex-Hoeve imp. Belgium x 2017 National High in Trial Nordenstamm Dixi.

NORDENSTAMM DIXI – Wins Working Malinois Australian National Champion IPO1 + National High-in-Trial. Congratulations Alison!
NORDENSTAMM YES – Wins National High-in-Trial Obedience + National High-in-Trial Protection PLUS Helper’s Choice, for the 3rd National in a row! Congratulations Team Nordenstamm!
NORDENSTAMM CRAZEE – Wins National Champion FH Dog. Congratulations Robert!
NORDENSTAMM TALINA – Wins National Champion IPO3 + National High-in-Trial Tracking. Congratulations Cheryl!
NORDENSTAMM EDGE- National Championship Trial: A new BH title. Congratulations Darren!
NORDENSTAMM DARTAGNAN – National Championship Trial: A new BH title. Congratulations Tafline!
NORDENSTAMM TANYA – A new BH title. Congratulations Ben!
NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – Won the ring in Novice with 192/200 points! Congratulations Angelica.
NORDENSTAMM CLAUDE – New WD title at National Championship + a High-in-Trial Obedience & High-in-Trial Protection. Congratulations Michael!
NORDENSTAMM DESS – 1st. Intermediate Bitch, Reserve Challenge Bitch +Reserve of Breed Royal Queensland Show. Congratulations Nikki!
NORDENSTAMM DESS – Qally in Rally Obedience Royal Queensland Show. Congratulations Nikki!

NORDENSTAMM BINDI successfully completes Cani Cross course. Congratulations Natasha!
NORDENSTAMM DESS – A new CCD win with a 99/100 score. Congratulations Nikki!
NORDENSTAMM DESS now has her Australian Champion, Rally Novice and BH titles.
NORDENSTAMM DESS – A new BH title. Congratulations Nikki!
NORDENSTAMM UDINE – A new OB1 title. Congratulations Pam!
NORDENSTAMM UDINE – A new TR1 title. Congratulations Pam!
NORDENSTAMM TALINA – IPO3. Congratulations Cheryl!
NORDENSTAMM CRAZEE – A new FH2 title. Congratulations Robert!
NORDENSTAMM BINDI – New Jumper’s Dog certificate. Congratulations Natasha!

NORDENSTAMM CRAZEE – New OB1 title + High-in-Trial Obedience. Congratulations Robert!
NORDENSTAMM DIXI – A new TR2 + High-in-Trial Track. Congratulations Alison!
NORDENSTAM DIXI – A new OB1 title. Congratulations Alison!
NORDENSTAMM YES –  A new FH1 title. Congratulations Alison!
NORDENSTAMM BINDI – 2 x 1st. placings at Jumper’s Dog competitions (NZ). Congratulations Natasha!
NORDENSTAMM ZARA – Now Australian Champion, CDX, RAE, ET + named a Dual Champion for conformation & working titles. Congratulations Anna!

NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – reaches operational status at the completion of “Directions” exercise for SAR.
NORDENSTAMM J LITTER ARRIVES sired by Lennox v.d. Berlex-Hoeve x Nordenstamm Cougar.

NORDENSTAMM YES – Member of Team Australia in IPO3 to FMBB World Championship for Belgian Shepherd Dogs.

NORDENSTAMM BLACKARROW – demo dog at the Vic Emergency Management of MFB & CFA firefighter’s USAR canines.
NORDENSTAMM I LITTER ARRIVES – (6+6) sired by Lennox van de Berlex-Hoeve x Nordenstamm Edge.

NORDENSTAMM GATOR aka “DOC” – newly inducted into Victorian Water Police
NORDENSTAMM FRITZ akak “DREDD” – newly inducted into Victorian Water Police.

NORDENSTAMM DESS named “Rising Star of 2016” in Dogzonline’s point score comp for Belgian Shepherds. Congratulations Nikki!
OGr.Ch.NORDENSTAMM UDO – winner of ANKC’s UDX Dog of the Year for the 3rd. year in a row!
NORDENSTAMM COUGAR CD, RN + winner of ANKC Novice Dog + Rally Novice Dog of the Year.

NORTH QLD. TOP UD DOG AWARD – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
TCH TRACKING CHAMPION AWARD – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
WINNER OF THE GOLD DUMBBELL – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
BEST BH Working K9 trial – Congratulations Russel & Nordenstamm Cracker

Winner 2016 (ANKC) UD & T.CH – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
Winner 2016 (ANKC) Novice & Rally Novice – Congrats Mel & Nordenstamm Cougar
Winner 2016 (ANKC) UDX & OGr.Ch. – Congratulations Mel & Nordenstamm Udo
2 x Best of Breed – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
New BH title – Congratulations Rebecca & Nordenstamm Wisdom
1st place UD qually/187 – Congratulations Anna & Nordenstamm Zara
New BH title – Congratulations Lisa & Nordenstamm Yves
New BH title + Best BH – Congratulations Russel & Nordenstamm Cracker
New BH title – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
New BH title + Best BH – Congratulations Alison & Nordenstamm Dixi
New BH title – Congratulations Robert & Nordenstamm Crazee
New BH title – Congratulations Pam & Nordenstamm Udine
New TR1 title – Congratulations Alison & Nordenstamm Dixi
New TR3 title – Congratulations Robert & Nordenstamm Crazee
New IPO3 title – Congratulations Alison & Nordenstamm Yes
New IPO3 title + HIT- Congratulations Jens & Lennox v.d. Berlex-Hoeve

New BH title – Congratulations Angela & Nordenstamm Callie
1st Agility 600 Jumping – Congratulations Lisa & Nordenstamm Prix
UD title – Congratulations Anna & Nordenstamm Zara
S&R Mission Ready Level 1 – Congratulations Angelica & Nordenstamm Blackarrow

S&R Fundamental Skills – Congratulations Angelica & Nordenstamm Blackarrow
New Australian Champion – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
Muzzle Engagement/Security Cert. – Congratulations Darren & Nordenstamm Dell
New FH title – Congratulations Cheryl & Nordenstamm Yakuza
VCA Endurance Cert. – Congratulations Angelica & Nordenstamm Blackarrow
BOB, BEST JUNIOR BRIS. ROYAL – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
Golden Dumbbell award – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
TDX, TCH, GD (Agility) titles – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
UD & UDX titles – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
National Champion IPO3 – Congratulations Jim & Nordenstamm Tex
2016 Grand National Champion – Nordenstamm Tex
National High-in-Trial Obedience – Congratulations Karen & Nordenstamm Yes
National High-in-Trial Protection – Congratulations Karen & Nordenstamm Yes
2016 National Helper’s Choice – Nordenstamm Yes
IPO3, 3rd. @ the National – Congratulations Cheryl & Nordenstamm Yazuka
IPO3 @ the National – Congratulations Tony & Nordenstamm Tzary
IPO3 @ the National – Congratulations Desley & Nordenstamm Sanka
HIT & IPO3 – Congratulations Desley & Nordenstamm Sanka
FH1 – Congratulations Cheryl and Nordenstamm Yazuka
HIT & IPO3 – Congratulations Desley & Nordenstamm Sanka
Breed Challenge: 2nd in Australia – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
( Dess also ended JUne with 4 x Best of Breeds, Best Bitch and Best Junior of Breed. )

NEW BH TITLE – Congratulations Desley & Nordenstamm YoYo
IPO3 + HIGH IN TRIAL – Congratulations Desley & Nordenstamm Sanka
UDX CERTIFICATE – Congratulations Mel & Nordenstamm Udo
NEW TRACKING 7 TITLE – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
BEST OF BREED – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess

1ST PLACE RAPID RETRIEVE – Congratulations Angela & Nordenstamm Celeque
1ST PLACE AQUA DOGS “GOLDEN OLDIES” – Kane & Nordenstamm Ilana
2 x 1ST PLACES IN AQUA DOG DIVISIONS – Desley & Nordenstamm YoYo
NEW X 2 IPO3 TITLES – Congratulations Craig & Nordenstamm Yasco
NEW BH TITLE – Congratulations Di & Nordenstamm Aruba
1st QUAL. UD – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
NEW TDX TITLE – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
CD & RALLY NOVICE TITLES – Congratulations Mel & Nordenstamm Cougar
WINNER CCKC Obedience Agrigate Trophy – Nordenstamm Cougar
HIGH IN TRIAL – Congratulations Cheryl & Nordenstamm Yazuka
IPO3 TITLE – Congratulations Cheryl & Nordenstamm Talina
BEST OF BREED – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
( Now ranking 3rd in Australia and 2nd in the State for conformation. )
1ST OPEN JUNIOR – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
3rd QUALI FOR RALLY TITLE – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
BEST OF BREED – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
CDX TITLE – Congratulations Silke & Nordenstamm Aska
2 x RUNNER-UP BEST BITCH – Congratulations Lisa & Nordenstamm Yves
BEST OF BREED – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
PASS O.R.T. TEST – Congratulations Angie & Nordenstamm Inka
NEW AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION TITLE – Congratulations Lisa & Nordenstamm Yves
MEMORIAL RSL AWARDS – MWD Nordenstamm Joep – killed in action.
3 x 1st PLACINGS IN AGILITY – Congratulations John & Nordenstamm Annika
2 x BEST OF BREED AWARDS – Congratulations Nikki & Nordenstamm Dess
BEST OF BREED AWARD – Congratulations Cheryl & Nordenstamm Delta
JETTY JUMPING AWARDS – Congratulations Desley & Nordenstamm YoYo 1st, 3rd
JETTY JUMPING AWARDS – Congratulations Ness & Nordenstamm Chase 1st.& 2nds.
JETTY JUMPING AWARDS – Congratulations Angie & Nordenstamm Celeque 1st, 3rd.
BOTH BITCHES OFA NORMAL – Great news for Nordenstamm Annika & Alani
HOME ON THE GOLD COAST! Lennox v.d. Berlex-Hoeve imp. GMY See Stud Dogs
NEW AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION TITLE – Congratulations Lisa & Nordenstamm Yves
2 x BEST OF BREED – Congratulations Lisa & Nordenstamm Yves
NEW HIGH IN TRIAL – Congratulations Nordenstamm Annika & Michelle
NOVICE B WINNER – Congratulations Nordenstamm Alani & Michelle
NEW IPO2 TITLE – Congratulations Alison & Nordenstamm Yes
2 NEW RN TITLES for Nordenstamm Prix & Nordenstamm Yves
NEW CD TITLE – Congratulations Lisa and Nordenstamm Yves
NORDENSTAMM ANNIKA wins 3 out of 4 Agility titles!
NEW CD TITLE – Congratulations to Nordenstamm Yves & Lisa
NEW CDX TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Zara & Anna
NEW IPO2 TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Yasco & Craig
NEW IPO3 TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Yakuza & Cheryl
NEW IPO3 TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Talina & Cheryl
NEW IPO1 TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Yes & Alison
NEW BH TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Claude & Michael
IPO3 TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Ondra & Robyn
NEW UD TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Aska & Silke
NEW BREEDER’S CERTIFCATE – Nordenstamm Zaron ET title
NEW BREEDER’S CERTIFCATE – Aust. Ch. Nordenstamm Zara CD, RE, ET
NEW CCD TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Cougar & Mel
NEW UDX & NATIONAL CHAMPION TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Udo & Mel
NEW FH MEISTER TRACKING TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Sanka & Desley
NEW IPO1 TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Yes & Alison
NEW IPO1 TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Ukody & Kieren
NEW IPO2 TITLE – Congratulations Nordenstamm Yakuza & Cheryl





2017_UDX_novice_obedience_championsTCh_OCh_Nordenstamm_aska_golden_dumbell_winnernordenstamm yes_2017_national_championship_hit_ob_tr_helpers_choiceNordenstamm Annika agility